EditPlus 4.0 Crack With Registration Code FREE

EditPlus 4.0 Crack With Registration Code FREE

EditPlus 4.0 Crack With Registration Code FREEEditPlus 4.0 Crack is a simple and sleek text editor; Edit Plus edit all types of files especially it also HTML files like an HTML editor, and PHP files like a PHP editor. It also works as Java editor for Windows etc. on the other hand; it also works as a notepad it is a good Notepad replacement.Edit Plus also offers many powerful gadgets & features for Web browsing and other built-in function and programmers as well.

It is a Windows editor also. Sometimes, a word processor or notepad is just not enough for your editing or much hang a little bit and too much time has been the waste of all that process.  Edit Plus is a best and unmatched app having the right and power pack tool for all kinds of job. Its coding and other programmatic tasks are just unbelievable. Edit plus is so rapid & fast enough for your all your tasks.

EditPlus is working with many programming languages it can also program in those languages that based on custom syntax files.  It contains a highly efficient web browser for HTML pages, and also provides all the support for FTP commands. Edit plus also used for uploading the personal and local files directly to your FTP server or server provider. On the other hand, Edit Plus includes a Hex Viewer for documents viewing.

EditPlus 4.0 Crack Screenshots:-

EditPlus 4.0 Crack With Registration Code FREE

EditPlus 4.0 Crack With Registration Code FREE

Features of EditPlus 4.0 Crack:-

  • Edit Plus Supports TSVN commands like that (‘File’->’TSVN’)
  • Edit Plus is a unique feature that Supports ‘Use Pageant’ option for step.
  • Edit Plus also supports menu bitmaps on Windows Vista/7.
  • It also highlights the wrong words or sentence in your paragraph.
  • Edit plus makes a copy option like ‘Copy on Mouse Release’ option.
  • Special feature of  edit plus is Hex Viewer supports
  • It Run php.exe on PHP type files in like a browser preview’ option.
  • Edit plus provides Internal browser supports option
  •  the main feature internal browser supports displaying on the information bar.
  • Edit plus internal browser opens the new window as a tab.
  • Edit plus supports (Current Line Text) argument for passing current line to user tool of the editor.
  • Edit plus also a feature Find in your computer  Files displays current file name on the Status Bar  of the text editor
  • It has a unique color feature that is HTML color command on the popup menu of the Editor.
  • IT also updated toolbar button
  • Edit plus allows the double click option on the change file format in the dialog box.

EditPlus 4.0 Crack Pros & Cons:-


  • Edit plus is Versatile, coding features
  • Edit plus built in browser and support for FTP commands


  • It’s a perfect app not seem yet

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