Windows Xp Service Pack 3 Professional Free

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Professional Free

Windows Xp Service Pack 3 Professional Free

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Introduction of Windows XP Service Pack 3

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is used in personal computers as operating systems. It was produced by Microsoft. It was released on August 24, 2001, and for the public was on October 25, 2001. In the beginning, its development starts as a “Neptune” an OS built on Windows NT kernel. Windows 2000 was the updated version of windows that is recommended for market use. In 2000, both windows became equally beneficial for both consumer and business market. Window XP was advance from the older versions in security, efficiency, stability and many more…. XP service pack 3 is introduced newly designed the graphical user interface for the user and also introduced activation method to reduce its copyrighting.

Window xp offers new graphical user interface, expanded multimedia and its effective hardware support. In the short duration of five years after releasing its 400 million copies were sold out all over the world. Its license and WinXP sp3 sales to OEMs was ceased on October 2008 and remain continued for notebook until October 2010. In these days, service pack 3 for XP is still popular among the peoples.

Development process of XP service packs 3

“Odyssey” and “Neptune”

Both “Odyssey” and “Neptune” intended the future of Window XP and  MS-DOS based Window NT respectively. Neptune simply focuses on simplified task base user interface based on activity centers. Many activity centers were planned for email, playing music, viewing photos, internet browsing and it also used for viewing recently used files.


After releasing window 2000 the new product was introduced name as the whistler. Its main goal was to unify the consumer and business windows lines under a single, platform. When all the features were cut from windows ME then they all were re-tagged in Neptune. Microsoft released the first preview build of whistler in the second half of 2001. The build introduced new visual styles like start menu design and many more.

Beta versions  of Windows Xp Service Pack 3 

In October 2000, Microsoft released Whistler beta 1, build 2296. Build 2410 introduced internet explorer and the window product activation system. It was announced by Microsoft that the consumer version of whistler will be released over the server oriented versions. But they were released for both consumer and business market in the second half of 2001. The other builds 2416 and 2419 introduced the file transfer system in the whistler, it also introduced new wallpapers and final appearance of operating systems.

On February 2001, Microsoft named the whistler Window XP.  On the releasing Microsoft announced openly that windows cannot support Bluetooth and USB. Windows required third party software to run Bluetooth and USB.

New and updated features  of Windows Xp Service Pack 3 

User interface

It provides the effective user interface with the new visual appearance of the operating system. In this window, you can change fonts type, size, color and also change the wallpaper as you want. Its starts menu function provides direct access to many applications and folders.


This window also prevents copyrighting. Windows product activation method is introduced. According to this, each window requires activation with unique serial keywords. A number of improvements are made possible like windows task manager, internet explorer, group policy, shadow copy and many others

Other features

  • Faster user switching
  • Provide support for compressed folders
  • Improved hardware interaction such as USB with service packs 1.0
  • Improvement in system recovery, system restoration, reporting window function
  • Improvement in image viewing with windows image viewer and fax viewer
  • Update alert for applications and games
  • Improved power management system

Windows Xp Service Pack 3

It was released in 2008 to the public. This service pack included all the features of the earlier one. It is only available for 32-bit os not for the 64-bit os.

  • NX APIs featured provides the friendly environment to the application developers.
  • Provides security options
  • Client network access protection
  • It turned on black hole router detection by default.
  • For OEM versions, it installs without product key during installation.

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Windows Xp Service Pack 3 Professional Free
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